04 December, 2005

My God is a bigger jerk than your God

My God does not tolerate tolerance. My God will strike down anyone who even thinks incorrectly. Not only that my God has a really cool, big-ass hammer(with spikes and a boar's-head handle) to do the striking. My God doesn't just sacrifice his son, he sacrifices everyone on his Christmas list(including his accountant) and he sacrifices them by drowning them in SPAM, a death 1000% more horrible than crucifixion. In other words, my God is a much bigger asshole than your God and unless you want to be pounded with the hammer of doom, you had better agree and behave.

Certain fundies are obsessed with their God's violence and intollerance. Why? It gives them an excuse for being assholes because after all, they are just doing what God does. It is ok to be a rude, misogynist, war-mongering, racist piece of shit because they can find a line in the Bible that makes this behaviour to be acceptable. Fuck what Jesus taught, what he actually said in the Bible, all that matters to the fundies is that he died a horrid death, that he was tortured and therefore everyone deserves to suffer. The "War on Christmas" isn't about Christian oppression, it is about the Talibornagains not being permitted to oppress others. I have no problem with Christmas or Christians but it pisses me off when someone tells me "Merry Christmas" when what he means has nothing to do with Christmas, or merryness but is just saying "Fuck you." I have no problem with churches or the Bible but I have a problem when these are used as means of promoting a fascist and totalitarian political agenda and are being used as justification to infringe on the rights of others. So to all the assholes out there, "Merry Christmas to you too."