29 March, 2008

It's all about priorities - rant

I was flipping through the channels and saw this story on one of those wingnut religious channels - a frozen embryo "rescued" during Hurricane Katrina and now is a lovely white baby boy (of course) born to a proper wingnut white straight family. It also had a nice sidenote about how the courageous Douche administration is spending millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to "adopt" frozen embryos. All set in this nice happy tone - it was absolutely sickening. This is what the religious right prioritises. That we should spend millions on these embryos and not millions on adopting the real children who are languishing in state facilities and waiting for a home, not millions on poor children in the US and around the world so that they can have a better quality of life, not millions on education or health care or anything else. Hell, they don't care if the stupid embryos die horrid painful deaths once they're "adopted" and born - people don't matter if they actually exist, especially if they exist as female and/or non-white and/or non-right-wing christian. This is the base of the fucking Republican party. People who gladly waste millions of taxpayer dollars "rescuing" a fucking clump of cells but don't give a fuck about the people of New Orleans stuck in their houses, stuck in the stadium, actually suffering. These are people who don't mind seeing women die in childbirth or be relegated to be permanent brood mares - after all, women are actual people, and their fetuses are potential males which makes them far more important. It really is sickening that people would prioritise this crap instead of addressing the suffering of actual people. There is sickeness and poverty and inequality and a whole bunch of other horrid things that this guy named Jesus really wanted people to work together to eliminate; but because of the priorities of those that call themselves moral and religious - our country's budget and priorities are all going to minimise the quality of life in this country and around the world.


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