28 July, 2008

My Linguistic Kill List v. 1.0

Here is a partial list of words that need to be stabbed, shot, drowned, run over, electrocuted and made to suffer before being viciously killed.

1. Go-getter - unless your job is to fetch things for other people, in which case - human retriever sounds more fun.
2. Pro-active - I'm anti-active at this over-used piece-of-shit word, and it reminds me of the horrible ads for some face cream.
3. Dynamic - it isn't a bad word, just really over-used.
4. Judeo-Christian - no-one who is "Judeo" describes themselves as "Judeo-Christian," so kindly leave us Jews out of it.
5. Brangelina, Bennifer, and all the other combined first names - it is not cute, it is annoying, stop it.
more to come, I'm sure.


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