14 May, 2006

Jesus Is Mickey Mouse

The fundies are a lot like corporate businesspeople - maybe that's why they get along so well in the Republican Party... the fundies want you to buy their product(batshit psycho mythology) just like Disney wants you to buy its products. So just like Disney has Mickey Mouse as its icon, fundamentalist Christianity has Jesus and both are used for one purpose, to get people to buy product and in both cases, the character is irrelevant just the icon and name are important. Disney hasn't put out a Mickey Mouse cartoon in years, yet they put Mickey on all the merchandise knowing that people associate Disney with Mickey and will buy stuff with Mickey on it. Same with the fundies, when was the last time you heard one invoke Jesus' teachings? Sure they invoke all the fire and brimstone parts, or all the "die and go to hell" bits, or the weird weird laws(wear a cotton-poly blend = hell, eat a shrimp = hell, etc.) but they don't quote Jesus because Jesus preaches peace and love and tolerance(blasphemous stuff). The fundies don't care about what Jesus says, but they use his name, they use his image like a big marketing icon. Jesus is the fundies' Mickey Mouse, a name, an image that doesn't speak but sells hatred, intolerance and totalitarianism.


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