23 April, 2006

Bin Ladin is a big, ugly orc

Bin Ladin is an orc, and not one of those in movies or in games or in paintings - he is a big, ugly, nasty orc. He's just called for "jihad" in Sudan. Why? To "protect Islam" - lets see - mass atrocities/genocide - the perfect way to protect a religion when it already under attack for being violent. Want to protect Islam - stop exploiting people to commit suicide bombings, stop acts of terror - like with attacks on democracy, direct attacks on Islam come from within and any outside attacks are collateral. Terrorists and dictators have always been few in numbers, but their actions have marred large populations and, when combined with other loonies(like the kind who are salivating for Israel to blow up so that the second rapture comes) and when combined with opportunists results in a literally bloody mess. Take the Crusades: a few ideological loonies + opportunists + people whose main hobbies are plunder, rape and looting = Mission Accomplished. Sudan has enough problems without the shadow of Al-Qaida sweeping accross it. The janjaweed do enough damage, they don't need any orcs helping out.


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